Contact Information

David Brewer


Park Hours:
Monday through Friday, 8:00am-4:30pm
Check event schedule for expanded hours.

Due to an occasional change in operating hours, please call 205.458.8161, or email david@rickwood.comto confirm hours and park access.

Rickwood Field
1137 Second Avenue West
Birmingham, AL 35204
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(Note: The above address is for the ballpark. This address is NOT a mailing address. For correspondence, use the Friends of Rickwood mailing address below.)

mailing address:

Friends of Rickwood
P.O. Box 12583
Birmingham, AL  35202-2583

16 Responses to “Contact Information”

  1. During a recent Southwest airline flight, I read with great interest an article of the Rickwood Classic. As I enjoy both baseball and history, how would I obtain information to attend the 13th annual classic game?

  2. Regarding your comment, we are currently working on a way to give to Rickwood/become a Friend of Rickwood on the website. Of course, you can go to the contact information page and mail a check in the mean time if you would like. The website should be able to accept a credit card in a week or two. Thank you and please check back often.

  3. A link from your site to would be greatly appreciated. Please review my link to Rickwood Park.

  4. The greatest stadium in the world!

  5. What special events do you have planned for the summer?

  6. Thanks for your interest in our summer event schedule. I will be updating soon our schedule for April – May, including the 13th annual Rickwood Classic on May 28th. My June – August dates are still evolving, and I will have those posted soon also. The dates I have now include several youth and high school travel-ball tournaments, and they will be posted soon. Thanks again!

  7. I have a baseball signed in 1998 (?) by many of the Black Barons at a Rickwood Classic between the AA Barons and the Huntsville Stars. There are more than 20 autographs on the ball. Such as Acie “Skeet” Griggs, Lyman Bostock, Sr., Otha Bailey, Bill Parnell…and many others. I need some help. Do you have a list of all who attended so I can try to identify some of the other signatures? You are preserving a gem of baseball history. Thanks so much for that!

  8. Yes, Marty, I can help you identify the Negro League ballplayers who attended the 1998 Rickwood Classic. Please contact me directly at

    That was a very impressive gathering of players, several of whom are now deceased. I look forward to hearing from you.

  9. Friday Feb. 29th was my first trip to Rickwood, and I have to tell you that I got chills walking out of the tunnel onto the field. Knowing who has played there and who has walked through the same tunnel was truly a awesome experience. It was almost as if you could see the sights and hear the sounds of the 1930’s and 40’s. It makes me want to go back and sit in the quiet, close my eyes and just listen. Listen to hear the crowd, the crack of the bat, and all the sounds that surround the game. I will definitely be attending the Classic this year and many years to come. I have two young boys and I can’t wait to share that experience with them. Thanks for preserving a true icon in baseball history and I can’t wait to go back!

  10. Thanks, Grant. We too think its a special place, and look forward to seeing you and your sons at the Rickwood Classic on May 28th.

  11. My friend and I have tickets for the 2008 Rickwood Classic. Could you suggest some hotels in downtown Birmingham and describe the options for public transportation to/from the game?

    Thank you.


  12. Thanks, James, for your interest in the Rickwood Classic, and we look forward to seeing you on May 28th. The Birmingham Regional Chamber of Commerce has on its website a nice list of area hotel options, and my be seen at this link:

    The Birmingham Convention and Visitors Bureau also has lodging info on their site:

    Public transportation options, unfortunately are somewhat limited in Birmingham, but any of the downtown hotels will be able to provide City bus transit pick-up and route information.

    Thanks again!

  13. I just read the excellent HuffPost article and posted it to my friends on Facebook. Continued success with the great, essential work you’re doing.

  14. I played for the Birmingham A’s in 1971 and set a strikeout record! I loved that park and the people who came out to watch us play. Great time in my life playing with some great guys, Tommy Cook, Geno Dusan, Joey Robinson, Marshall Crossan, Buddy Copeland, Tommie Smith, Manny Trillo, Billy Geiger, Gilberto Marcano, Doug King, Roger Cain, The Doctor Reggie Sanders, Sammy Lovelace, Sammy Ellis, Fred Kampf and Phil Gagy Caveretta! I know I have missed alot of names but I am getting old…that was when baseball was a game!

  15. I have been to several Ballparks,,,my home park is Wrigley Field in Chicago where I grew up and still attend games. My wife and I have been visiting ballparks and have been to over twenty of them. We went to Yankee Stadium for it’s last year and I could feel the aura of the Park. The hisory and meaning were very thick in the air. The feeling I had is hard to describe. I didn’t think I would feel that again, until I was able to walk onto Rickwood Field. As luck would have it, on a trip returning from Florida I was able to stop by. It was a Saturday so I didn’t expect to get into the park. Well, it happened to be the day that it was being set up with “inflatable extras” for the upcoming movie “42”. A gentleman by the name Orville took the time to talk about what was happening and let me walk the park. I have absolutely fallen in love with this place. The history,,,,just the feeling as you walk in.
    My question is this,,,Does Major League Baseball realize what’s here? Why wouldn’t they help to preserve this Park?
    I now have to get back to your wonderful Ballpark!
    I’ve run out of time for this year’s Classic but will make plans for next year.
    This is an absolute gem that you have!
    Please thank Orville and Cathy for me.
    Bob Wozny

  16. Just saw the trailer for “42”,,,,could tell what sceens were from Rickwood,,,,very exciting to see!!!!

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