An Outsider’s View of Rickwood Field

We all have our own stories, memories, and anecdotes  regarding Rickwood Field.  Each one is emotional and unique in its own way.  And without question, one of the highlights of my role with the Friends of Rickwood is hearing from people who share their memories and thoughts about the ballpark.  But occasionally I receive an email or letter that is especially poignant and heartfelt.

In this most recent case, Joseph “Jeb” Stewart, a true friend of Rickwood, shares his thoughts concerning baseball, the Rickwood Classic, and spending time with his sons. 

To view Jeb’s essay, please click the pdf file below:

An outsiders view of Rickwood


~ by rickwood on January 13, 2011.

2 Responses to “An Outsider’s View of Rickwood Field”

  1. Jeb, I enjoyed reading your story very much.Your comparison to Gettysburg was right on. If you ever have the honor of sitting in the stands when there is no one else in the ballpark, it’s almost a religious experience and you leave with a lump in your throat. It was a pleasure to meet you and your son at Rickwood back in March, and I look forward to seeing you again June 1st at the Classic.

  2. Chuck thanks so very much! I didn’t see your comment until today.


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