Rickwood Field Centennial Schedule of Events

The Friends of Rickwood and the baseball community are proud to celebrate Rickwood Field’s 100th anniversary.

On August 19, 1910, the Birmingham News editorialized concerning the previous day’s opening of the park, that those attending the game and the community at large, wanted to show the outside world that Birmingham was a great baseball town, and that they, moreover, wanted “Rick Woodward to know that his efforts in behalf of the game were not failing of appreciation.”

Not only do we continue today to appreciate his efforts, but I believe that the only reasonable conclusion is that Mr. Woodward’s efforts were successful.  To those efforts, we say thank you.

Please see word document below for the Rickwood Centennial calendar of events.

2010 calendar of events


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One Response to “Rickwood Field Centennial Schedule of Events”

  1. I am so excited to know about this (thanks to USA Today.) My dad and I went to many games in the late 30’s and early 40’s when we lived in B’ham. If I am able (77) I plan to be at that centennial celebration.

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