Rickwood Continues to “Wow” Park Visitors

Rickwood Feild captures the imagination of baseball fans, near and far.  Recently received comments from a San Fransisco resident highlight that excitment:

“I had a chance to stop at Rickwood, and let me say, WOW!

I exchanged a few words with the friendly landscape crew, but other 
than that, I had the whole park to myself and it was surreal.  I could 
feel how special the field really is, running the bathpaths worn in by 
such greats of the game, standing atop the mound where Paige and 
others tugged their cap.  I gotta say, it was a great time.

The self guided tour was perfect as it gave me the info I needed to 
truly grasp the past of the park.  My only regret was that while I was 
that A) I didnt get to see a game (but then again I wouldnt have been 
able to wander through the park as I did) and B) not take a snapshot 
of the infield while sitting in the first base dugout (a view seen by 
how many ballplayers?!?)

Anyway, you and your organization are doing a wonderful thing by 
preserving Rickwood. I am a huge baseball fan and while I am a San 
Francisco Giants fan with no roots to Birmingham (other than 
Mays?!???), I am interested in becoming one of your Friends of 
Rickwood in order to contribute to the continued preservation and 
maintenance of the park.”

We are of course always eager to receive park feedback, and look forward to hearing from you.


~ by rickwood on August 27, 2009.

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