More Thoughts on the 2008 Rickwood Classic

From our friend, Clarence Watkins:

I did not get to see much of the game this year, but I did take a minute to walk up and view the field when the game was over. What I saw on the field was everything that is missing from the game of baseball today.
Fans were just casually walking around the field talking baseball. A few of the players stayed around to sign autographs, as it should always be. A small boy was playing catch with his dad. Some fans had walked out to the outfield wall and scoreboard, just to touch it, like it was the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. An elderly man stood on the pitching mound with one hand on his grandson’s shoulder telling him a precious memory of his days at Rickwood. Some children were running the bases and I thought, ‘do they understand what a privilege that is?’ Then I realized that they were making their Rickwood memories.
Some folks were snapping photos of their family and friends and the field itself. It reminded me of church when I was a boy. When the service was over you greeted the pastor and everyone stood around outside the church to visit. Unlike today when we all hurry to our cars to beat the Methodists to the resturants.
A young man stood out in right field briefly, crouched into the fielders position, legs bent and hands on his knees ready to catch a line drive. He could have been thinking about all the great players who stood on that very spot where he was standing. Truly Rickwood is the Field of Dreams. Rickwood reminds us that there once was a time when guards did not circle the field after a game, that fans and players were equals after the game.
Rickwood allows us, for one brief afternoon, to remember all that was right and good about baseball!

Click on image below to view the on-field gathering:



~ by rickwood on June 20, 2008.

One Response to “More Thoughts on the 2008 Rickwood Classic”

  1. Clarence, A very thoughtful and perceptive piece of writing. There is no other experience in baseball and not many in America like the “Classic” game at Rickwood. See you next year!

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