Recent Rickwood Classic Receives Great Media Coverage

One of our barometers of success each year for the Rickwood Classic is the amount of media coverage that the event receives.  If that is a true indicator, then the May 28th Classic was one for the records (not to mention the 7,500-plus attendance number being the 3rd largest crowd), with local print and television media covering the event extensively.  This level of exposure and p/r is of course invaluable, and contributes tremendously to our over-all success.

But if I had to choose this year the reporter that I most enjoyed speaking with, it would be hands-down, Savanah Eve Stewart, a young lady representing the Opelika – Auburn News for Kids.  To read her take on the game and the park’s history, visit the link below.  And on behalf of the Friends of Rickwood, it is comforting to know that the park’s future is safe in-the-hands of young fans like Miss Stewart.





~ by rickwood on June 9, 2008.

2 Responses to “Recent Rickwood Classic Receives Great Media Coverage”

  1. I am a fan for life!! This stadium/field is what baseball is all about, not the new amusement park type stadiums being built now. At Rickwood a father and son can actually watch a game with few distractions outside of baseball.
    Recently, My son had the opportunity to play on this field, it is a memory he and I will cherish forever. He saved a hand full of dirt from the mound after pitching, just thinking of all of the great pitchers that had pitched from that very mound. He realizes the common foot steps he now shares with some of the games greatest players. For those that have not taken in a game at Rickwood, you have to make plans to do so. The atmosphere and sounds are like nothing you can get at a modern ballpark. The crack of the bat, the pop of the mitt the sound of a hard slide and best of all you can actually hear the voices of all involved on the field. I day dreamed a couple of times allowing the voices of past players to fill my imagination, what a thrill!! It’s as close to heaven as a baseball fan can get.
    We must preserve this ballpark. Like the line in the movie,if you build it they will come. Well they built it, now let keep them comming for many more years.

  2. Thank you, Greg, for your thoughts on the ball park. We too look forward to many more years of baseball at Rickwood Field.

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